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Фразеологизмы со словом walk

walk on eggs
walk on eggshells
To act with utmost caution due to being in a precarious position.
Действовать очень осторожно, особенно в опасной ситуации.
Tom has been walking on eggs ever since he started working for a new boss in Cincinnati.
I must walk on eggshells when I ask my boss a question.
Я должен быть очень осторожным, когда задаю вопрос своему начальнику.
walk out
To go on strike.
When the company would not give them higher pay, the workers walked out.
To leave suddenly; especially to desert. Often used informally with on.
He didn't say he wasn't coming back; he just walked out.
The man walked out on his wife and children.
walk over
walk all over
step all over
To make (someone) do whatever you wish; make selfish use of; treat like a slave; impose upon.
Jill is so friendly and helpful that people walk all over her.
We wanted the man's business, so we let him step all over us.
walk the chalk
walk the chalk line
walk the chalk mark
To act exactly as you are supposed to; behave properly; obey.
(From the fact that sailors used to be asked to walk a chalk line along the deck of the ship to prove they were not drunk.)
That new teacher really makes the students walk the chalk.
In some classes the students play and talk, but Mr. Parker makes them walk the chalk.
That theater owner wants his place to be orderly, and if boys and girls don't walk the chalk, he puts them out.
Compare:toe the mark
walk the floor
To walk one direction and then the other across the floor, again and again; pace.
Mr. Black walked the floor, trying to reach a decision.
The sick baby had his mother walking the floor all night.
Mrs. Black's toothache hurt so much that she got up and walked the floor.
walk the plank
To walk off a board extended over the side of a ship and be drowned.
The pirates captured the ship and forced the crew to walk the plank.
To resign from a job because someone makes you do it.
When a new owner bought the store, the manager had to walk the plank.
walking dictionary
A person highly knowledgeable in matters of language use.
If you want to know what "serendipity" means, ask my Uncle Fred. He is a professor of English and is also a walking dictionary.
walking encyclopedia
A polymath; a person very well versed in a number of different disciplines.
My uncle is a veritable walking encyclopedia when it comes to the history of World War II.