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Словосочетания со словом thing

be into something
get into something
To have taken something up partly as a nobby, partly as a serious interest of sorts (basically resulting from the new consciousness and self-realization movement that originated in the late Sixties).
Roger's wife is into women's liberation and women's consciousness.
Did you know that Syd is seriously into transcendental meditation?
Jack found out that his teenage son is into pot smoking and gave him a serious scolding.
What sports are you into? I don’t have any time to get into sports.
be looking up
things are looking up
Informal way to say that conditions are improving.
Things are looking up at our university as the governor promised a 5% salary raise.
The board chairman is glad to report that things are looking up for the company after several years of declining sales.
Prospects for building that new library in the downtown area are looking up.
be up to something
To feel strong enough or knowledgeable enough to accomplish a certain task.
Are you up to climbing all the way to the 37th floor?
Are we up to meeting the delegation from Moscow and speaking Russian to them?
Hi, George. I haven't seen you in a while. What have you been up to?
To be responsible for deciding.
I don't care whether we go to the reception or not. It is up to you.
Tendency to do something mischievous.
I'm afraid Jack is up to one of his old tricks again.
Those boys hiding behind the building must be up to something bad.
best thing since sliced bread
Что-то превосходное, самое лучшее.
My kids think their new puppy is the best thing since sliced bread.
Мои дети считают своего нового щенка просто чудом!
break something to someone
Сообщить плохие новости.
Brandon died in a car crash. Please break the news to his wife.
Брэндон умер в аварии. Пожалуйста, сообщите плохую новость его жене.
charge something to something
To place the blame on; make responsible for.
John failed to win a prize, but he charged it to his lack of experience.
The coach charged the loss of the game to the team's disobeying his orders.
To buy something on the credit of.
Mrs. Smith bought a new pocketbook and charged it to her husband.
Mr. White ordered a box of cigars and had it charged to his account.
check on someone
check up on someone
check on something
check up on something
To try to find out the truth or rightness of; make sure of; examine; inspect; investigate.
We checked on Dan's age by getting his birth record.
Mrs. Brown said she heard someone downstairs and Mr. Brown went down to check up on it.
You can check on your answers at the back of the book.
The police are checking up on the man to see if he has a police record.
Grandfather went to have the doctor check on his health.
The government always checks up on the background of employees who are hired for sensitive military projects.
The doctor wants me to have a thorough medical checkup as part of a preventive medicine program.
come to nothing
To end in failure; fail; be in vain.
The dog's attempts to climb the tree after the cat came to nothing.