English Puzzle
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Словосочетания со словом teeth

pick one's teeth
To clean one's teeth with a toothpick.
It is considered poor manners to pick one's teeth in public.
pull one's teeth
To take power away from; make powerless.
The general pulled the teeth of the rebel army by blocking its ammunition supply line.
The student government council was so irresponsible that the principal pulled its teeth.
set one's teeth on edge
To have a sharp sour taste that makes you rub your teeth together.
The lemon juice set my teeth on edge.
To make one feel nervous or annoyed.
She looks so mean that her face sets my teeth on edge.
show one's teeth
To show anger; show belligerence.
He is a very mild, private person, but during a tough business negotiation he knows how to show his teeth.
take the bit in one's mouth
take the bit in one's teeth
To have your own way; take charge of things; take control of something.
When Mary wanted something, she was likely to take the bit in her teeth and her parents could do nothing with her.
take the bull by the hornstake the law into one#*#s own hands
throw something in one's face
throw something in one's teeth
To blame a person for (something wrong); not allow someone to forget (a mistake or failure). Often used with back.
Bob came home late for dinner last week, and his mother keeps throwing it back in his face.
I made a mistake in the ball game and the boys keep throwing it back in my teeth.
in one#*#s face