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Словосочетания со словом piece

of a piece
Of the same kind; in line. Usually used with with.
His quitting the job is of a piece with his dropping out of school.
pick apart
pick to pieces
To criticize harshly; find things wrong with; find fault with.
After the dance, the girls picked Susan apart.
They picked the play to pieces.
To distinguish.
That copy machine is so good that I can’t pick the photocopy and the original apart.
tell apart
piece out
To put together from many different pieces; put together from odd parts; patch.
They pieced out a meal from leftovers.
He pieced out the machine with scrap parts.
The detective pieced out the story from a stray fact here, a clue there, and a hint somewhere else.
To make larger or longer by adding one or more pieces.
The girl grew so fast that her mother had to piece out her dresses.
Work paid for in accordance with the quantity produced.
Al prefers working on a piecework basis to being on a regular salary because he feels he makes more that way.
say one's piece
speak one's piece
To say openly what you think; say, especially in public, what you usually say or are expected to say.
John told the boss that he thought he was wrong and the boss got angry. He said, "You've said your little piece, so go on home."
Every politician got up and said his piece about how good the mayor was and then sat down.
think piece
The human brain.
Lou's got one powerful think piece, man.
Any provocative essay or article that, by stating a strong opinion, arouses the reader to think about it and react to it by agreeing or disagreeing.
That article by Charles Fenyvesi on Vietnamese refugees in the Washington Post sure was a think piece!
tickle pink
thrill one to death
thrill one to pieces
To please very much; thrill; delight. Usually used in the passive participle.
Быть очень довольным или в восторге от кого-то или чего-то.
Nancy was tickled pink with her new dress.
My mother was tickled pink that you visited her when you were in town.
Моя мама была очень довольна тем, что ты зашел к ней в гости, когда был в городе.
Joan was thrilled to pieces to see Mary.
to pieces
Into broken pieces or fragments; destroyed.
The cannon shot the town to pieces.
The vase fell to pieces in Mary's hand.
So as not to work; into a state of not operating.
After 100,000 miles the car went to pieces.
When Mary heard of her mother's death, she went to pieces.
Very much; greatly; exceedingly.
Joan was thrilled to pieces to see Mary.
The noise scared Bob to pieces.
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