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Словосочетания со словом owl

neither fish nor fowl
neither fish, flesh, nor fowl
Something or someone that does not belong to a definite group or known class; a strange person or thing; someone or something odd or hard to understand.
The man is neither fish nor fowl; he votes Democrat or Republican according to which will do him the most good.
Mrs. Harris bought a piece of furniture that was both a table and a chair. Mr. Harris said it was neither fish nor fowl.
The movie is neither fish nor fowl; it is a funny love story.
night owl
One who sleeps during the day and stays up or works during the night.
Человек, который спит днем и бодрствует или работает по ночам.
Tom hardly ever sleeps at night; he prefers to work by lamp light and has become a regular night owl.
My friend is a night owl and he always calls me late at night.
Мой друг – полуночник. Он все время звонит мне поздно ночью.
slowly but surely
Медленно, но верно.
If you do something slowly but surely, it will be done properly.
Если вы делаете что-то медленно, но верно, это будет сделано должным образом.
to the best of one's knowledge
As far as you know; to the extent of your knowledge.
He has never won a game, to the best of my knowledge.
To the best of my knowledge he is a college man, but I may be mistaken.