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Словосочетания со словом leg

last leg
Final stages of physical weakness before dying.
The poor old man was on his last leg in the nursing home.
The final stage of a journey.
The last leg of our round-the-world trip was Paris to Chicago.
See also:last lap
leg man
An errand boy; one who performs messenger services, or the like.
Joe hired a leg man for the office.
A man who is particularly attracted to good looking female legs and pays less attention to other parts of the female anatomy.
Herb is a leg man.
leg to stand on
A firm foundation of facts; facts to support your claim. Usually used in the negative.
Jerry's answering speech left his opponent without a leg to stand on.
Amos sued for damages, but did not have a leg to stand on.
leg work
The physical end of a project, such as the typing of research reports; the physical investigating of a criminal affair; the carrying of books to and from libraries; etc.
Joe, my research assistant, does a lot of leg work for me.
legal age
lawful age
The age at which a person is allowed to do a certain thing or is held responsible for an action.
In most states the legal age for voting is 27.
He could not get a driver's license because he was not of lawful age.
not a leg to stand on
leave without a leg to stand on
not have a leg to stand on
No good proof or excuse; no good evidence or defense to offer.
Не достаточные доказательства или оправдания; отсутствие хороших свидетельств или защиты.
The man with a gun and $300 in his pocket was accused of robbing an oil station. He did not have a leg to stand on.
Three people testified against him. He didn't have a leg to stand on.
Трое дали показания против него. Он не мог доказать свою правоту.
old college try
An attempt to win a favor from another by mentioning the fact that one had gone to the same college or university as the party from whom the favor is requested.
Since he needed a job, he decided to use the old college try when he contacted Jerry, but it didn't work.
on one's last legs
Failing; near the end.
Выбиться из сил, быть очень уставшим; приблизиться к концу.
The blacksmith's business is on its last legs.
The dog is old and sick. He is on his last legs.
I have just run 10 km and I am on my last legs!
Я только что пробежал 10 километров и я выбился из сил!