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Словосочетания со словом ham

hammer and tongs
Mr. and Mrs. Smith have been at it all day, hammer and tongs.
hammer at
hammer away at
To work steadily at; keep at.
That lesson is not easy, but hammer away at it and you will get it right.
To talk about again and again; emphasize.
The speaker hammered at his opponent's ideas.
hammer out
To write or produce by hard work.
The President sat at his desk till midnight hammering out his speech for the next day.
To remove, change, or work out by discussion and debate; debate and agree on (something).
Mrs. Brown and Mrs. Green have hammered out their difference of opinion.
The club members have hammered out an agreement between the two groups.
Compare:iron out
ideas hamster
Дословно: хомяк, полный идей.
Генератор идей.
Why don't you ask our ideas hamster? He knows how to help us.
Почему ты не спросишь нашего генератора идей? Он знает, как помочь нам.
if the hill will not come to Muhammad, Muhammad will go to the hill
If one person will not go to the other, then the other must go to him. A proverb.
Grandfather won't come to visit us, so we must go and visit him. If the hill won't come to Muhammad, then Muhammad will go to the hill.
put to shame
To disgrace.
The cleanliness of European cities puts our cities to shame.
That filthy dump puts our town to shame.
To do much better than surpass.
Einstein put other physicists to shame when he proved his theory of relativity correct.
radio ham
Someone whose hobby is the operating of shortwave radio.
The code letters C.Q. are used by radio hams to invite other radio hams to join in the conversation.
under the hammer
Up for sale at auction.
The Brights auctioned off the entire contents of their home. Mrs. Bright cried when her pewter collection went under the hammer.
The picture I wanted to bid on came under the hammer soon after I arrived.