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Словосочетания со словом foot

Slow and clumsy in walking or movement; awkward in using your feet.
The fat man tried to dance, but he was too heavy-footed.
Martha is not fat, but she is heavy-footed and walks noisily.
Awkward in choice and order of words; not smooth and graceful; clumsy.
In Mary's compositions, the words seem to dance, but John's compositions are always heavy-footed.
Likely to drive an automobile fast.
Jerry is a bad driver because he is too heavy-footed.
Compare:step on it
One who drives excessively or dangerously fast in a car. The phrase is based on the expression have a lead foot, meaning to have a tendency to speed when driving. The image is that of one's foot being made of lead, which is very heavy, and thus pushing down on the accelerator.
I've always been a bit of a leadfoot when I get behind the wheel, so I've gotten my fair share of speeding tickets.
Some leadfoot went flying past me on the interstate and nearly careered into a truck.
To drive excessively or dangerously fast in a car.
Make sure you don't leadfoot around these residential areas.
He was caught leadfooting down the highway at nearly 150 miles an hour.
Compare:step on it
not to touch something with a ten-foot pole
To consider something completely undesirable or uninteresting.
Some people won't touch spinach with a ten-foot pole.
Kids who wouldn't touch an encyclopedia with a ten-foot pole love to find information with this computer program.
on foot
set on foot
By walking.
Sally's bicycle broke and she had to return home on foot.
Being planned.
The reporter said that a civil rights demonstration was on foot.
Plans have been set on foot for a party for Miss Jackson, because she is retiring.
one foot in the grave
Near to death.
Одной ного в могиле; быть при смерти.
The dog is fourteen years old, blind, and feeble. He has one foot in the grave.
Grandfather has never been sick a day in his life, but Mother cares for him as if he had one foot in the grave.
When you are one foot in the grave, you start analyzing your life.
Когда ты одной ногой в могиле, ты начинаешь анализировать свою жизнь.
I was so sick, I felt as if I had one foot in the grave.
Я был так болен, что мне казалось, будто я одной ногой в могиле.
play footsie
Touch the feet of a member of the opposite sex under the table as an act of flirtation.
Have you at least played footsie with her?
To engage in any sort of flirtation or collaboration, especially in a political situation.
The mayor was suspected of playing footsie with the Syndicate.
put one's best foot forward
To try to make a good impression; try to make a good appearance; do one's best.
During courtship, it is natural to put your best foot forward.
When Ted applied for the job he put his best foot forward.
put one's foot down
To take a decided stand; be stubborn in decision.
Занять твeрдую позицию; быть непреклонным в своем решении.
John didn't want to practice his piano lesson, but his teacher put his foot down.
When it came to smoking pot at parties, our parents put their foot down.
This has gone far enough; he is going to put his foot down.
Это зашло довольно далеко; он собирается положить этому конец.