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Словосочетания со словом cut

cut both ways
cut two ways
To have two effects; cause injury to both sides.
People who gossip find it cuts both ways.
cut corners
To take a short way; not go to each corner.
He cut corners going home in a hurry.
To save cost or effort; manage in a thrifty way; be saving.
John's father asked him to cut corners all he could in college.
Most students live on limited budgets and have to cut corners whenever possible.
The Livingstons have nine children, so it is essential that they cut corners at all times.
To do less than a very good job; do only what you must do on a job.
He had cut corners in building his house, and it didn't stand up well.
cut down to size
put one in one's place
To prove that someone is not as good as he thinks.
The big boy told John he could beat him, but John was a good boxer and soon cut him down to size.
cut down
cut down on
cut back on
To lessen; reduce; limit.
Tom had to cut down expenses.
The doctor told Mr. Jones to cut down on smoking.
In order to lose weight, you have to cut down on your intake of sugar.
The doctor told me to cut back on exercise until my back injury heals.
cut from the same cloth
made from the same mold
Иметь много общего; быть похожими.
She and her brother are cut from the same cloth. They both tell lies all the time.
Она и её брат очень похожи. Она оба постоянно врут.
cut ice
To make a difference; make an impression; be accepted as important. Usually used in negative, interrogative, or conditional sentences.
When Frank had found a movie he liked, what others said cut no ice with him.
Jones is democratic; a man's money or importance never cuts any ice with him.
Does comfort cut any ice with you?
I don't know if beauty in a woman cuts any ice with him.
cut in
To force your way into a place between others in a line of cars, people, etc.; push in.
Often used with on.
After passing several cars, Fred cut in too soon and nearly caused an accident.
A car passed Jean and cut in on her too close; she had to brake quickly or she would have hit it.
The teacher beside the lunch line saw Pete cut in, and she sent him back to wait his turn.
To stop a talk or program for a time; interrupt.
While Mary and Jim were talking on the porch, Mary's little brother cut in on them and began to tell about his fishing trip.
While we were watching the late show, an announcer cut in to tell who won the election.
Peter, it’s very impolite to cut in like that while others are speaking.
Synonym:break in
To tap a dancer on the shoulder and claim the partner.
Often used with on.
Mary was a good dancer and a boy could seldom finish a dance with her; someone always cut in.
At the leap year dance, Jane cut in on Sally because she wanted to dance with Sally's handsome date.
To connect to an electrical circuit or to a machine.
Harry threw the switch and cut in the motor.
The airplane pilot cut in a spare gas tank.
To take in; include.
When John's friends got a big contract, they cut John in.
cut into
To make less; reduce.
The union made the company pay higher wages, which cut into the profits.
The other houses got old and shabby, and that cut into the value of his house.
At first Smith led in votes, but more votes came in and cut into his lead.
To get into by cutting in.
She heard the other women gossiping and cut into the talk.
While Bill was passing another car, a truck came around a curve heading for him, and Bill cut back into line quickly.