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Фразеологизмы со словом count

count to ten
To count from one to ten so you will have time to calm down or get control of yourself; put off action when angry or excited so as not to do anything wrong.
Father always told us to count to ten before doing anything when we got angry.
keep one#*#s head
blow a fusefly off the handle
A step-by-step process which leads to the launching of a rocket.
Countdown starts at 23:00 hours tomorrow night and continues for 24 hours.
Process of counting inversely during the acts leading to a launch; liftoff occurs at zero.
Countdown for the race lasted five seconds.
The time immediately preceding an important undertaking, borrowed from Space English.
We're leaving for Hawaii tomorrow afternoon; this is countdown time for us.
county mounty
Sheriff's deputy.
The county mounties are parked under the bridge.
down for the count
Закончить некоторый этап работы.
The construction workers were down for the count; they will resume work on Monday.
Строители закончили работу на сегодня, они продолжат в понедельник.
leave out of account
To fail to consider; forget about.
The picnic planners left out of account that it might rain.
take into account
no account
Of no importance.
The lowly clerk's opinion is of no account in this matter.
A person of low social station.
Fred was first considered a no account but he soon proved himself to be a person of great ability.
old country
Primarily Europe, but also any country other than the United States where one originally came from.
Al's wife was born in Chicago but Al himself is from the old country, Ireland.
on account of
As a result of; because of.
The picnic was held in the gym on account of the rain.
on one#*#s accountof one#*#s own accord