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Фразеологизмы со словом cast

cast pearls before swine
cast one's pearls before swine
To waste good acts or valuable things on someone who won't understand or be thankful for them, just as pigs won't appreciate pearls. Often used in negative sentences.
I won't waste good advice on John any more because he never listens to it. I won't cast pearls before swine.
cast the first stone
To be the first to blame someone, lead accusers against a wrongdoer.
Jesus said that a person who was without sin could cast the first stone.
Although Ben saw the girl cheating, he did not want to cast the first stone.
cast up
To turn or direct upward; raise.
The dying missionary cast up his eyes to heaven and prayed.
To do sums; do a problem in addition; add.
Cast up 15, 43, 27, and 18.
When John had all the figures, he cast them up.
die is cast
To make an irrevocable decision. (From Julius Caesar's famous words in Latin, alea iacta est, when he crossed the river Rubicon, which meant war.)
Everything was ready for the invasion of Europe, the die had been cast, and there was no turning back now.
throw in one's lot with
cast in one's lot with
cast one's lot with
To decide to share or take part in anything that happens to; join.
The thief decided to throw in his lot with the gang when he heard their plans.
When Carl was old enough to vote, he threw in his lot with the Democrats.
Washington was rich, but he decided to cast in his lot with the colonies against Britain.
Synonym:join forces