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Фразеологизмы со словом ace

blue in the face
Very angry or upset; excited and very emotional.
Дословно: до посинения.
Быть очень сердитым; быть очень возбужденным и эмоциональным.
Tom argued with Bill until he was blue in the face.
Mary scolded Jane until she was blue in the face, but Jane kept on using Mary's paints.
I’ve been arguing with my friend for 5 hours until I was blue in my face.
Я спорил со своим другом 5 часов до посинения.
cannot see one's hand in front of one's face
Ситуация очень плохой видимости, обычно из-за темноты или тумана. Эквивалент – "не видно ни зги".
I could not see my hands in front of my face because of the heavy rain.
Из-за проливного дождя было ни зги ни видно.
card up one's sleeve
ace up your sleeve
Another help, plan, or argument kept back and produced if needed; another way to do something.
Туз (козырь) в рукаве. Припрятанный аргумент, план и предъявленный при необходимости; альтернативный путь сделать что-нибудь.
John knew his mother would lend him money if necessary, but he kept that card up his sleeve.
Bill always has a card up his sleeve, so when his first plan failed he tried another.
The manager has an ace up her sleeve. She'll surprise us with it later.
У нашей управляющей есть козырь про запас; она нас им еще удивит.
change of pace
A quick change in what you are doing.
John studied for three hours and then read a comic book for a change of pace.
The doctor told the man he needed a change of pace.
cut down to size
put one in one's place
To prove that someone is not as good as he thinks.
The big boy told John he could beat him, but John was a good boxer and soon cut him down to size.
cut off one's nose to spite one's face
To suffer from an action intended originally to harm another person.
In walking out and leaving his employer in the lurch, John really cut off his nose to spite his face, since no business wanted to hire him afterwards.
day of grace
An extension period after the due date of some contract or bond.
The premium is due on the first of each month, but they allow ten days of grace.
drag race
An automobile race in which the drivers try to cover a certain distance (usually one quarter mile) in the shortest possible time.
Drag races are often held on airport landing strips.
Holding drag races is a good way to stop teenage hot rod racing on public highways.
Compare:drag strip