Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом wind

Словосочетания со словом wind

God tempers the wind to the shorn lamb
A person who is already helpless will not have more trouble; you will not have more trouble than you can bear.
After Mr. Smith lost his job, the Smith's house caught fire, but the fire was put out before much harm was done. Mr. Smith said, "God tempers the wind to the shorn lamb."
get wind of
To get news of; hear rumors about; find out about.
The police got wind of the plans to rob the bank.
The captain didn't want the sailors to get wind of where the ship was going.
go out the window
To go out of effect; be abandoned.
During the war, the school dress code went out the window.
gone with the wind
Gone forever; past; vanished.
All the Indians who used to live here are gone with the wind.
Joe knew that his chance to get an "A" was gone with the wind when he saw how hard the test was.
in the wind
Seeming probable; being planned; soon to happen.
Changes in top management of the company had been in the wind for weeks.
Tom's close friends knew that marriage was in the wind.
it is an ill wind that blows nobody good
No matter how bad a happening is, someone can usually gain something from it. A proverb.
Неважно как плохо идут дела, кто-то обычно получает выгоду из такой ситуации. Пословица.
When Fred got hurt in the game John got a chance to play. It's an ill wind that blows nobody good.
When Fred got hurt in the game John got a chance to play. It's an ill wind that blows no good.
Когда Фред получил травму во время игры, Джону представилась возможность сыграть (вместо него). Не бывает худа без добра.
launch window
A period of time when the line-up of planets, Sun, and Moon are such as to make favorable conditions for a specific space launch.
The mission was canceled until the next launch window which will be exactly six weeks from today.
A favorable time for starting some kind of ambitious adventure.
My next launch window for a European trip isn't until school is over in June.
Tedious; overlong; given to too much talking.
Everyone was bored by the old man's long-winded stories.