Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом white

Фразеологизмы со словом white

black and white
put on paper
put (it) in black and white
put (it) in writing
Print or writing; words on paper, not spoken; exact written or printed form.
"Черным по белому", в письменной форме.
He insisted on having the agreement down in black and white.
Mrs. Jones would not believe the news, so Mr. Jones showed her the article in the newspaper and said, "There it is in black and white."
Our boss usually asks us to communicate him in black and white.
Наш начальник обычно просит нас передавать ему сообщения в письменном виде.
The different shades of black and white of a simple picture, rather than other colors.
He showed us snapshots in black and white.
Divided into only two sides that are either right or wrong or good or bad, with nothing in between; thinking or judging everything as either good or bad.
Everything is black-and-white to Bill; if you're not his friend, you are his enemy.
The old man's religion shows his black-and-white thinking; everything is either completely good or completely bad.
blue around the gills
green around the gills
pale around the gills
yellow around the gills
pink around the gills
white around the gills
Pale-faced from fear or sickness; sickly; nauseated.
Also used with other prepositions besides around, as about, at, under, and with other colors, as blue, pink, yellow, white.
Иметь бледное лицо от страха или болезни; болезненный; тошнотворный.
Bill's father took him for a ride in his boat while the waves were rough, and when he came back he was green around the gills.
You should sit down. You look a bit blue around the gills.
Тебе следует присесть. Ты выглядишь неважно.
The car almost hit Mary crossing the street, and she was yellow around the gills because it came so close.
Машина чуть не сбила Мэри, когда она переходила улицу, и девушка побледнела от страха потому, что машина проехала так близко.
plain white wrapper
Unmarked police car.
There's a plain white wrapper at your rear door!
white Christmas
Дословно: белое Рождество.
Так говорят, когда на Рождество выпадает снег.
We haven't had a white Christmas in twenty years.
У нас уже двадцать лет не было снега на Рождество.
white as snow
Белый как снег - невероятно бледный, часто от испуга.
Marilyn turned as white as snow when the policeman told her that her son had been in a car wreck.
Мэрилин побледнела как полотно, когда полицейский сказал ей, что ее сын попал в автомобильную аварию.
white elephant
Unwanted property, such as real estate, that is hard to sell.
That big house of theirs on the corner sure is a white elephant.
white fury
white heat
Неистовство, бешенство, ярость.
She was in a white fury.
Она была в бешенстве.