Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом well

Словосочетания со словом well

all very well
All right; very good and correct; very true. - Usually followed by a but clause.
It's all very well for you to complain but can you do any better?
It's all very well if Jane comes with us, but how will she get back home?
all's well that ends well
Все хорошо, что хорошо кончается.
All's well that ends well and although the storm was very bad the children arrived home safely.
Все хорошо, что хорошо кончается. Хотя гроза была очень сильная, дети добрались домой благополучно.
as well as
In addition to; and also; besides.
Hiking is good exercise as well as fun.
He was my friend as well as my doctor.
The book tells about the author's life as well as about his writings.
as well
In addition; also, too; besides.
The book tells about Mark Twain's writings and about his life as well.
Tom is captain of the football team and is on the baseball team as well.
Without loss and possibly with gain.
After the dog ran away, Father thought he might as well sell the dog house.
Since he can't win the race, he may as well quit.
It's just as well you didn't come yesterday, because we were away.
A city person who lives on a very high floor in an apartment building.
Joe and Nancy have become cliffdwellers - they moved up to the 30th floor.
do well by
To benefit; help; treat exceptionally well.
In his will Grandpa did well by all of his grandchildren and left each of them one million dollars.
dwell on
dwell upon
To stay on a subject; not leave something or want to leave; not stop talking or writing about.
Joe dwelt on his mistake long after the test was over.
Our eyes dwelled on the beautiful sunset.
The principal dwelled on traffic safety in his talk.
get sick
get well
get tired
get busy
get wet
To become sick, well, tired, busy, wet, etc.
This idiom consists of a combination of get and various adjectives.
Gerald got sick last week and has been in bed since that time.
Every afternoon I get very hungry, so I eat a snack.