Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словами up to. Страница четыре

Словосочетания со словами up to. Страница четыре

up to
As far, as deep, or as high as.
The water in the pond was only up to John's knees.
Mary is small and just comes up to Bill's chest.
The shovel sank in the soft mud all the way up to the handle.
Close to; approaching. Often used with to go, to come, to walk, to run, to drive, etc.
The team did not play up to its best today.
Because of the rain, the number of people at the party didn't come up to the number we expected.
After the lecture, several people in the audience went up to the speaker to congratulate her.
The little girl came up to me and shook my hand as if she had known me for years.
Bill’s friend didn’t want to admit that they had gotten lost, but finally he agreed to drive up to a gas station and inquire about the correct route.
As high as; not more than; as much or as many as.
Pick any number up to ten.
There were up to eight fire engines at the fire.
Until; till.
Up to her fourth birthday, the baby slept in a crib.
Up to now I always thought John was honest.
Capable of; fit for; equal to; strong or well enough for.
We chose Harry to be captain because we thought he was up to the job.
Mother is sick and not up to going out to the store.
Doing or planning secretly; ready for mischief.
What are you up to with the matches, John?
Mrs. Watson was sure that the boys were up to no good, because they ran when they saw her coming.
Facing as a duty; to be chosen or decided by; depending on.
It's up to you to get to school on time.
I don't care when you cut the grass. When you do it is up to you.
up to date
Modern; contemporary; the latest that technology can offer.
Hyphens (-) separate the parts of this idiom when it precedes a noun form.
"I want an up-to-date dictionary of American idioms," Mr. Lee said, "that has all the latest Americanisms in it."
The president insisted that the company bring its aging equipment up to date.
This catalog is not up to date. It was published several years ago.
The news program gave an up-to-date account of the nuclear accident. The newscaster said that he would update the news report every half hour.
wise up to
To finally understand what is really going on after a period of ignorance.
Joe immediately quit his job when he wised up to what was really going on.