Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словами up to. Страница три

Словосочетания со словами up to. Страница три

so far
thus far
up to now
as of yet
Until now, until the present time or to this place.
This idiom is usually used with the present perfect tense.
The weather has been hot so far this summer.
This is a lonely road. We have not met another car so far.
So far, this year has been excellent for business. I hope that the good luck continues.
How many idioms have we studied in this book up to now?
As of yet, we have not had an answer from him.
stand up to
To meet with courage.
Mary stood up to the snarling dog that leaped toward her.
A soldier must stand up to danger.
to the hilt
up to the hilt
To the limit; as far as possible; completely.
The other boys on the team told Tom he couldn't quit. They said, "You're in this to the hilt."
The Smith's house is mortgaged up to the hilt.
up to one's ears
Immersed in; covered with.
"Around final examination time," Professor Brown explained, "I am always up to my ears in work."
I’d love to take a week off for a hiking trip, but at the moment I am over my head in work. Maybe next week when I’m only up to my ears!
up to one's neck
Overwhelmed with; submerged in.
"During the summer season in our cottage by the lake," the Allens complained, "we are usually up to our necks in uninvited guests."
up to par
up to the mark
up to scratch
up to snuff
In good or normal health or physical condition.
I have a cold and don't feel up to par.
The boxer is training for the fight but he isn't up to scratch yet.
As good as usual; up to the usual level or quality.
The TV program was not up to par tonight.
John will have to work hard to bring his grades up to snuff.
up to the chin in
in --- up to the chin
Used also with ears, elbows, eyes or knees instead of chin, and with a possessive instead of the.
Having a big or important part in; guilty of; not innocent of; deeply in.
Was Tom mixed up in that trouble last night? He was up to his ears in it.
Mr. Johnson is up to the eyes in debt.
Mrs. Smith is in debt up to her chin.
Very busy with; working hard at.
Bob is up to his neck in homework.
They are up to their elbows in business before Christmas.
Having very much or many of; flooded with.
Mary was up to her knees in invitations to go to parties.
up to the last minute
Until the last possible moment; until the very end.
When I try to send in an important eyewitness report from the scene of a major accident, I must keep working up to the last minute.