Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом tune

Словосочетания со словом tune

call the tune
To be in control; give orders or directions; command.
Контролировать; давать указания.
Bill was president of the club but Jim was secretary and called the tune.
The people supported the mayor, so he could call the tune in city matters.
He shows a lot of authority but in fact it's his wife who calls the tune.
Он демонстрирует всю свою власть, но, в сущности, командует его жена.
carry a tune
To sing the right notes without catching any false ones.
Al is a wonderful fellow, but he sure can't carry a tune and his singing is a pain to listen to.
change one's tune
To make a change in your story, statement, or claim; change your way of acting.
Изменить отношение к чему-либо; поменять мнение или образ действий.
The man said he was innocent, but when they found the stolen money in his pocket he changed his tune.
Bob was rude to his teacher, but she threatened to tell the principal and he changed his tune.
You are going to fail if you don’t change your tune.
Ты потерпишь неудачу, если не изменишь своего отношения к ситуации (или поведение).
dance to another tune
To talk or act differently, usually better because things have changed; be more polite or obedient because you are forced to do it.
Johnny refused to do his homework but punishment made him dance to another tune.
in tune
sing in tune
At the proper musical pitch; high or low enough in sound.
The piano is in tune.
Going well together; in agreement; matching; agreeable. Often used with with.
In his new job, John felt in tune with his surroundings and his associates.
out of tune
sing out of tune
Out of proper musical pitch; too low or high in sound.
The band sounded terrible, because the instruments were out of tune.
Not in agreement; in disagreement; not going well together. Often used with with.
What Jack said was out of tune with how he looked; he said he was happy, but he looked unhappy.
sing a different tune
whistle a different tune
sing a new tune
To talk or act in the opposite way; contradict something said before.
Charles said that all smokers should be expelled from the team but he sang a different tune after the coach caught him smoking.
standard time
slow time
slow tune
Clock time that is set by law or agreement in a country or in part of a country; especially, in the United States: the clock time used between fall and spring, which is an hour slower than the time used in the summer. Abbreviation ST.
When we go to bed Saturday night, we will set our clocks back an hour, because Sunday we will be on standard time again.
Next week it will get dark an hour earlier, because we will be on standard time.