Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом tree. Страница два

Словосочетания со словом tree. Страница два

side street
A street that runs into and ends at a main street.
The store is on a side street just off Main Street.
The Spellmans bought a house on a side street that runs off Broad Street.
stop street
A street where cars must come to a full stop before crossing another street.
Johnny was late because he traveled on a stop street.
through street
A street on which cars can move without stopping at intersections, but cars on streets crossing it have to stop at the intersection.
You have to be especially careful crossing a through street.
Mr. Jones stopped his car when he came to the through street. He waited until there were no cars on it, and drove across it.
A street that is open to other streets at both ends; a street that has a passage through it, so that it is not necessary to come back to get out of it.
We thought we could get through to Main St. by going up a side street but there was a sign that said "Not a through street."
up a tree
Hunted or chased into a tree; treed.
The dog drove the coon up a tree so the hunter could shoot him.
in trouble; having problems; in a difficulty that it is hard to escape or think of a way out of.
John's father has him up a tree in the checker game.