Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом track. Страница два

Фразеологизмы со словом track. Страница два

make tracks
To go fast; get a speedy start; hurry.
Man, it's time we made tracks!
The boys made tracks for home when it began to get dark.
off the beaten track
Not well known or often used; not gone to or seen by many people; unusual.
The theater is off the beaten track.
We are looking for a vacation spot that is off the beaten track.
on the track of
on the trail of
Hunting or looking for; trying to find; following.
The hunter is on the track of a deer.
The lawyer is on the trail of new proof in the case.
Jim collects old stamps; he is on the track of one in Midville this afternoon.
on the wrong track
Lost; pursuing the wrong lead.
Professor MacAlister confessed that his chemical experiments were on the wrong track.
stop cold
stop dead
stop in one's tracks
To stop very quickly or with great force.
The hunter pulled the trigger and stopped the deer cold.
When I saw Mary on the street, I was so surprised I stopped dead.
The deer heard a noise and he stopped in his tracks.
the tracks
across the tracks
side of the tracks
right side of the tracks
other side of the tracks
wrong side of the tracks
The line between the rich or fashionable part of town and the poor or unfashionable part of town. Often used in the expression the wrong side of the tracks.
The poor children knew they would not be welcome on the other side of the tracks.
Mary's mother did not want her to date Jack, because he came from across the tracks.
The mayor was born on the wrong side of the tracks, but he worked hard and became successful.
throw off the track
To divert; mislead; confuse.
The clever criminals threw the detective off the track by changing their names and faces.
track down
To find by or as if by following tracks or a trail.
The hunters tracked down game in the forest.
She spent weeks in the library tracking the reference down in all their hooks on the subject.