Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом time

Фразеологизмы со словом time

about time
Finally, but later than it should have been; at last.
Mother said, "It's about time you got up, Mary."
The basketball team won last night. About time.
against time
against the clock
As a test of speed or time; in order to beat a speed record or time limit.
John ran around the track against time, because there was no one else to race against.
As fast as possible; so as to do or finish something before a certain time.
It was a race against the clock whether the doctor would get to the accident soon enough to save the injured man.
So as to cause delay by using up time.
The outlaw talked against time with the sheriff, hoping that his gang would come and rescue him.
ahead of time
Before the expected time; early.
The bus came ahead of time, and Mary was not ready.
The new building was finished ahead of time.
all in good time
Some time soon, when the time is ripe for an event to take place.
"I want to get married, Dad," Mike said. "All in good time, Son," answered his father.
all the time
During the whole period; through the whole time.
Most of us were surprised to hear that Mary and Tom had been engaged all year, but Sue said she knew it all the time.
Without stopping; continuously.
Most traffic lights work all the time.
Very often; many times.
Ruth talks about her trip to Europe all the time, and her friends are tired of it.
at a set time
At a particular, pre-specified time.
Do we have to eat in this hotel at a set time, or may we come down whenever we want?
at a time
At once; at one time; in one group or unit; together.
He checked them off one at a time as they came in.
He ran up the steps two at a time.
They showed up for class three and four at a time.
at one time
In the same moment; together.
Let's start the dance again all at one time.
Mr. Reed's bills came all at one time and he could not pay them.
At a certain time in the past; years ago.
At one time people thought that Minnesota was not a good place to live.
At one time most school teachers were men, but today there are more women than men.