Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом thumb

Словосочетания со словом thumb

all thumbs
Awkward, especially with your hands; clumsy.
Harry tried to fix the chair but he was all thumbs.
green thumb
A talent for gardening; ability to make things grow. Considered trite by many.
Человек, у которого талант к садоводству, к выращиванию растений. Считается банальным выражением.
Mr. Wilson's neighbors say his flowers grow because he has a green thumb.
My neighbor has a green thumb and she is able to grow one of the best gardens in our neighborhood.
У моей соседки настоящий талант к садоводству, она может вырастить самый лучший сад во всей округе.
rule of thumb
A simple and practical method that has proven successful or useful in the past.
It is a very good rule of thumb to look up all unfamiliar words in a good dictionary.
stick out like a sore thumb
To be conspicuous; be different from the rest.
When the foreign student was placed in an advanced English grammar class by mistake, it was no wonder that he stuck out like a sore thumb.
thumb a ride
To get a ride by hitchhiking; hitchhike.
Not having much money, Carl decided to thumb a ride to New York.
thumb one's nose
To hold one's open hand in front of one's face with one's thumb pointed at one's nose as a sign of scorn or dislike.
After Bob ran into the house he thumbed his nose at Tom through the window.
To look with disfavor or dislike; regard with scorn; refuse to obey. Used with at.
Betty thumbed her nose at her mother's command to stay home.
Mary thumbed her nose at convention by wearing odd clothes.
thumb through
To examine superficially; read cursorily.
I have read "War and Peace" but Fran has only thumbed through it.
turn thumbs down
To disapprove or reject; say no. Usually used with on.
The company turned thumbs down on Mr. Smith's sales plan.
The men turned thumbs down on a strike at that time.