Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом think

Словосочетания со словом think

come to think of it
As I think again; indeed; really.
Come to think of it, he has already been given what he needs.
Come to think of it, I should write my daughter today.
little does one think
To not realize; not expect; be hardly aware of.
Little did Ed think that very soon he would be the father of twin daughters.
put on one's thinking cap
To think hard and long about some problem or question.
Задумываться серьезно о том, как решить проблему.
Miss Stone told her pupils to put on their thinking caps before answering the question.
The economy is in a mess, it's time for everyone to put their thinking caps on.
Экономика в беспорядке, пора каждому серьезно подумать о том, как решить эту проблему.
see fit
think fit
To decide that an action is necessary, wise, or advisable; choose.
Often used with an infinitive.
Jim asked "Dad, what time should I come home after the dance?" His father answered, "You way do as you see fit."
After much thought, we did not see fit to join the Smiths on their Caribbean cruise.
The boys were angry because Ed thought fit to report the fight to the principal.
shudder to think
To be afraid; hate to think about something.
The professor is so strict I shudder to think what his final exam questions will be like.
think a great deal of
think a lot of
think highly of
think much of
To consider to be very worthy, valuable, or important; to esteem highly. The phrase think much of is usually used in negative sentences.
Mary thinks a great deal of Tim.
The teacher thought a lot of Joe's project.
James thinks highly of his new boss, who is a kind and helpful person.
Father didn't think much of Paul's idea of buying a goat to save lawn mowing.
I don't think much of him as a baseball player; he's a slow runner and a poor hitter.
think aloud
think out loud
To say what you are thinking.
"I wish I had more money for Christmas presents," Father thought aloud. "What did you say?" said Mother. Father answered, "I'm sorry. I wasn't talking to you. I was thinking out loud."
think better of
To change your mind about; to consider again and make a better decision about.
John told his mother he wanted to leave school, but later he thought better of it.