Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом tear

Словосочетания со словом tear

blood, sweat and tears
Кровь, пот и слезы; чрезмерные усилия.
His success wasn't due to luck; it was blood, sweat and tears all the way.
Своим успехом он обязан вовсе не удаче, он добился всего своей кровью, потом и слезами.
bore to tears
To fill with tired dislike; tire by dullness or the same old thing bore.
The party was dull and Roger showed plainly that he was bored to tears.
Mary loved cooking, but sewing bores her to tears.
burst into tears
To suddenly start crying.
Mary burst into tears when she heard that her brother was killed in a car accident.
crocodile tears
Pretended grief; a show of sorrow that is not really felt.
(From the old legend that crocodiles make weeping sounds to attract victims and then shed tears while eating them.)
When his rich uncle died, leaving him his money, John shed crocodile tears.
rip into
tear into
To start a fight with; attack.
The puppy is tearing into the big dog.
To quarrel with; scold.
Mrs. Brown ripped into her daughter for coming home late.
tear around
To be constantly on the go; dash around.
No one can understand how she manages to tear around from one social event to another and yet be a good mother to her children.
tear down
To take all down in pieces; to destroy; to demolish.
The workmen tore down the old house and built a new house in its place.
The construction company had to tear down the old hotel in order to build a new office building.
The owners had to tear the house down after it burned down in a fire.
To take to pieces or parts.
The mechanics had to tear down the engine, and fix it, and put it together again.
To say bad things about; criticize.
"Why do you always tear people down? Why don't you try to say nice things about them?"
Dorothy doesn't like Sandra, and at the class meeting she tore down every idea Sandra suggested.
tear into
To attack vigorously, physically or verbally.
The anxious buyers tore into the wedding gowns on sale at the famous department store.