Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом straight

Словосочетания со словом straight

give it to one straight
To be direct; be frank.
I asked the doctor to give it to me straight how long I have to live.
go straight
get straight
go legit
To become an honest person; lead an honest life.
After the man got out of prison, he went straight.
Mr. Wright promised to go straight if the judge would let him go free.
To start practicing a legitimate business after having been operating outside of the law.
"The old days are over," the crime boss said to his friends. "We are going legit as of right now."
keep a straight face
Сохранять серьезное лицо, в тот момент, когда хочется смеяться
It’s hard to keep a straight face when my friend starts to fool around.
Трудно сохранять невозмутимый вид, когда мой друг начинает дурачиться.
I tried to keep a straight face, but failed.
Я старался не засмеяться, но безуспешно.
right out
straight out
Plainly; in a way that hides nothing; without waiting or keeping back anything.
When Mother asked who broke the window, Jimmie told her right out that he did it.
When Ann entered the beauty contest her little brother told her straight out that she was crazy.
shoot straight
shoot square
square shooter
straight shooter
To act fairly; deal honestly.
You can trust that salesman; he shoots straight with his customers.
We get along well because we always shoot square with each other.
Bill is a square-shooter.
straight face
A face that is not laughing or smiling.
Mary told all the funny stories she knew to try to make Joan laugh, but Joan kept a straight face.
It is hard to tell when Jim is teasing you. He can tell a fib with a straight face.
When Bob fell into the water, he looked funny and I could hardly keep a straight face.
straight from the horse's mouth
Directly from the person or place where it began; from a reliable source or a person that cannot be doubted.
They are going to be married. I got the news straight from the horse's mouth - their minister.
John found out about the painting straight from the horse's mouth, from the painter himself.
straight from the shoulder
In an open and honest way of speaking; without holding back anything because of fear or politeness or respect for someone's feelings; frankly.
John asked what he had done wrong. Bob told him straight from the shoulder.
The candidate for Congress spoke out against his opponent's dishonesty straight from the shoulder.