Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом small

Фразеологизмы со словом small

big frog in a small pond
big fish in a small pond
An important person in a small place or position; someone who is respected and honored in a small company, school, or city; a leader in a small group.
Важная или высокопоставленная персона, которая работает в маленькой группе или организации.
As company president, he had been a big frog in a small pond, but he was not so important as a new congressman in Washington.
He could get a job with a big company but he enjoys being a big fish in a small pond.
Он мог бы получить работу в большой компании, но ему нравится быть большой рыбой в маленьком пруду.
engage in small talk
make small talk
To converse with a stranger or casual acquaintance about matters of no great importance in order to make the time go faster.
The patients in the doctor's waiting room engaged in small talk complaining about the hot weather.
I hate making small talk with people I don't know at parties.
feel small
look small
To have the impression that one is insignificant, foolish, or humiliated.
"I feel small next to Hemingway," the young student of creative writing said.
little frog in a big pond
small frog in a big pond
An unimportant person in a large group or organization.
In a large company, even a fairly successful man is likely to feel like a little frog in a big pond.
When Bill transferred to a larger high school, he found himself a small frog in a big pond.
no wonder
small wonder
Not surprising; to be expected.
It is no wonder that the children love to visit the farm.
The Browns didn't go to the fair. Small wonder - they dislike large noisy crowds.
No wonder the portable heater doesn’t work. It’s not plugged into the electrical outlet!
Jack has been out of town for several weeks. No wonder we haven’t seen him recently.
small beer
досл. Маленькое пиво
Пустяк, мелочь.
A loan of that size is small beer - these banks are lending millions of pounds a day.
Заём на такую маленькую сумму – ничто для банка, они дают кредиты на миллионы фунтов в день.
small fry
Young children.
In the park, a sandbox is provided for the small fry.
Something or someone of little importance.
Large dairies ignore the competition from the small fry who make only a few hundred pounds of cheese a year.
small hours
The very early hours of the morning between 1 and 4 A.M.
My brother was in trouble for coming home in the small hours.