Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом show

Фразеологизмы со словом show

get the show on the road
To start a program; get work started.
Начать действовать, как было запланировано; начать работу.
It was several years before the rocket scientists got the show on the road.
Come on, let's get this show on the road or we'll be late.
Ну же, пора начинать, иначе мы опоздаем!
give the show away
To reveal a plan or information that is supposed to be secret.
You have read further in the book than I have, but please don't tell me where the treasure was buried; otherwise you'd be giving the show away.
go to show
go to prove
To seem to prove; act or serve to show (a fact); demonstrate. Often used after it.
Our team beat a bigger team, and it just goes to show you can win if you play hard enough.
The hard winter at Valley Forge goes to show that our soldiers suffered a great deal to win the Revolution.
good show!
Excellent; terrific; wonderful.
"Good show, boys!" the coach cried, when our team won the game.
A person who makes a reservation, e.g., at a hotel or at an airline, and then neither claims nor cancels it.
The airlines were messed up because of a great number of no-show passengers.
road show
A theatrical play that is performed for a few days in one town and then moves to other towns.
Many actors get their start in road shows.
The road show is often not as good as the original play on Broadway.
show around
To act as a host or guide to someone; to show newly arrived people or strangers what's what and where.
When Gordon and Rose arrived in Hawaii for the first time, their host showed them around the islands.
show cause
To give a reason or explanation.
The judge asked the defendants to show cause why they should not be held without bail.