Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом shoulder

Словосочетания со словом shoulder

chip on one's shoulder
A quarrelsome nature; readiness to be angered.
He went through life with a chip on his shoulder.
Jim often gets into fights because he goes around with a chip on his shoulder.
cold shoulder
give a cold shoulder
turn a cold shoulder
get the cold shoulder
Unfriendly treatment of a person, a showing of dislike for a person or of looking down on a person. Used in the cliches give the cold shoulder or turn a cold shoulder to or get the cold shoulder.
Игнорирование человека. Демонстрирование пренебрежительного отношения. Используется в таких клише как give the cold shoulder, turn a cold shoulder to или get the cold shoulder.
When Bob asked Mary for a date she gave him the cold shoulder.
The membership committee turned a cold shoulder to Jim's request to join the club.
After giving my opinion, he gave me the cold shoulder.
После того как я высказал свое мнение, он меня просто проигнорировал.
To act towards a person; with dislike or scorn; be unfriendly to.
Fred cold-shouldered his old friend when they passed on the street.
It is impolite and unkind to cold-shoulder people.
good head on one's shoulders
Good sense; good judgment.
Jack has a good head on his shoulders; he never drives too fast.
Alice is a girl with a good head on her shoulders, she always keeps good company.
George showed he had a good head on his shoulders by refusing to cheat.
have a good head on one's shoulders
To be smart; intelligent; well educated.
Rob is not the handsomest guy in the world but the girls appreciate him because he has a good head on his shoulders.
head and shoulders
By the measure of the head and shoulders.
The basketball player is head and shoulders taller than the other boys.
By far; by a great deal; very much.
She is head and shoulders above the rest of the class in singing.
old head on young shoulders
Не по возрасту мудрый или умный молодой человек или ребенок. Быть мудрым не по годам.
When she heard Emily warning her little brother to stay out of trouble, her mum thought: "That's an old head on young shoulders".
Когда мама Эмили услышала, как та просила младшего брата не влезать в неприятности, то подумала: "Зрелая не по годам".
He is only 10 years old but he has an old head on young shoulders.
Ему всего десять лет, но он умён не по годам.
on one's shoulders
In your care; as your responsibility.
The success of the program rests on your shoulders.
He acts as if he had the cares of the world on his shoulders.