Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом shoes

Словосочетания со словом shoes

Jesus boots
Jesus shoes
Men's sandals, particularly as worn by hippies and very casually dressed people.
I dig your Jesus boots, man, they look cool.
fill one's shoes
To take the place of another and do as well; to substitute satisfactorily for.
When Jack got hurt, the coach had nobody to fill his shoes.
Joe hopes to fill his father's shoes.
in one's shoes
in one's boots
in someone else's shoes
In or into one's place or position.
На чьём-либо месте, в чьей-либо шкуре; быть в таком же положении, как и кто-либо.
How would you like to be in a lion tamer's boots?
I wouldn’t like to be in my cousin's shoes now that he has lost his job.
Не хотел бы я быть на месте моего кузена сейчас, когда он потерял работу.
If I were in your shoes, I wouldn’t take too many classes this semester.
When his boss finds out about that accounting error, I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes.
Fred has had so much trouble recently that we ought to be grateful we're not in his shoes.
on a shoestring
With little money to spend; on a very low budget.
Быть стесненным в денежных средствах.
The couple was seeing Europe on a shoestring.
When I was a student I lived on a shoestring.
Когда я был студентом я жил почти впроголодь.
put oneself in another's place
put oneself in another's shoes
To understand another person's feeling imaginatively; try to know his feelings and reasons with understanding; enter into his trouble.
It seemed like a dreadful thing for Bob to do, but I tried to put myself in his place.
If you will put yourself in the customer's shoes you may realize why the thing isn't selling.
shake in one's shoes
shake in one's boots
To be very much afraid.
The robber shook in his boots when the police knocked on his door.
shoestring catch
A catch of a hit baseball just before it hits the ground.
The left fielder made a shoestring catch of a line drive to end the inning.
step into one's shoes
To do what someone else usually does after he has stopped doing it.
When Bill's father died, Bill had to step into his father's shoes to support his mother.
A coach trains the junior varsity to step into the shoes of the members of the varsity team when they graduate.
When the boss retires, his son will step into his shoes.