Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словами set on. Страница два

Фразеологизмы со словами set on. Страница два

set one's face against
To be very much against; strongly disapprove.
The banker's daughter wanted to marry a poor boy, but her father set his face against it.
set one's heart on
have one's heart on
heart set
To want very much. To be very desirous of; hope very much to succeed in. Used with a verbal noun.
He set his heart on that bike.
He set his heart on winning the race.
She has her heart set on taking a trip abroad. She's been thinking about it for months.
Todd has his heart set on going to medical school and becoming a doctor.
set one's mind at rest
To relieve someone's anxieties; reassure someone.
"Let me set your mind at rest about the operation," Dr. Vanek said. "You'll be back on your feet in a week."
set one's mind on
To be determined to; decide to.
He has set his mind on buying an old chateau in France.
set one's sights
To want to reach; aim for.
John has set his sights higher than the job he has now.
To wish to get or win.
Owen set his sights on the championship.
set one's teeth on edge
To have a sharp sour taste that makes you rub your teeth together.
The lemon juice set my teeth on edge.
To make one feel nervous or annoyed.
She looks so mean that her face sets my teeth on edge.
upset the applecart
upset one's applecart
To ruin a plan or what is being done, often by surprise or accident; change how things are or are being done, often unexpectedly; ruin or mix up another person's success or plan for success.
Разрушать планы или что-то уже сделанное, как правило неожиданно или случайно - "портить малину".
John upset the other team's applecart by hitting a home run in the last inning and we won the game.
We are planning a surprise party for Bill, so don't let Mary upset the applecart by telling him before the party.
Frank thinks he is going to be the boss, but I'll upset his applecart the first chance I get.
Everything was going well at the company picnic until our boss arrived and upset the applecart.
Все шло хорошо на пикнике компании, пока наш босс не пришел и не испортил малину.