Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словами set on

Фразеологизмы со словами set on

be set on
be set upon
To be determined about something.
Tow is set upon leaving his Chicago job for Tokyo, Japan, although he speaks only English.
on foot
set on foot
By walking.
Sally's bicycle broke and she had to return home on foot.
Being planned.
The reporter said that a civil rights demonstration was on foot.
Plans have been set on foot for a party for Miss Jackson, because she is retiring.
put one's hand to the plow
set one's hand to the plow
To start doing something of importance; give yourself to a big job.
We felt that he had put his hand to the plow, and we didn't like it when he quit.
put one's hand to
set one's hand to
turn one's hand to
To start working at; try to do.
Hal does a good job at everything mat he turns his hand to.
After Mr. Sullivan found farming unprofitable, he moved to town and turned his hand to carpentry.
put one's house in order
set one's house in order
To arrange your affairs in good order.
Организовывать свои дела в правильном, хорошем порядке.
Grandfather knew he would not live long and set his house in order.
When Mr. Black died, his lawyer helped the widow put her house in order.
The government should put its own house in order before telling other countries what to do.
Правительство должно привести в порядок свои дела, прежде чем указывать другим странам, что делать.
You’d better put your own house in order before telling me what to do.
Сначала бы сам навел порядок в своих делах, а потом бы говорил, что мне делать.
set ablaze
set afire
set on fire
To cause to burn by lighting with a match or other incendiary device.
The criminals poured gasoline on the house and set it ablaze with a small lighter.
set on
set upon
To begin suddenly to fight against; attack fiercely.
Tom was walking through the park when a gang of boys set on him.
To cause to attack.
Some boys went to steal melons but the farmer set his dog on them.
set one's cap for
To attempt to win the love of or to marry. Usually used of a girl or woman.
The young girl set her cap for the new town doctor, who was a bachelor.