Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом salt

Словосочетания со словом salt

back to the salt mines
Back to the job; back to work; back to work that is as hard or as unpleasant as working in a salt mine would be. An overworked phrase, used humorously.
The lunch hour is over, boys. Back to the salt mines!
"Vacation is over," said Billy. "Back to the salt mines."
rub salt into one's wounds
To deliberately add pain when one feels shame, regret, or defeat.
Must you rub salt into my wounds by telling me how much fun I missed by not going to the party?
salt away
To save (money) for the future.
Every week Joe salts away half of his pay.
salt of the earth
One who helps to make society good and wholesome; a basically good or valuable person.
Everyone here considers Syd and Susan the salt of the earth because they are so generous.
salt pork
Very fat pork that has been packed in salt or dipped in brine for curing.
Mother cooked beans with salt pork for supper.
sit above the salt
Занимать высокое положение, важный пост.
He is very proud that he sits above the salt.
Он очень гордится тем, что занимает высокое положение.
take with a grain of salt
take with a pinch of salt
To accept or believe only in part; not accept too much.
Принимать или верить во что-то только частичино; не доверять; скептически относиться.
A man who says he is not a candidate for President should usually have his statement taken with a grain of salt.
We took Uncle George's stories of the war with a pinch of salt.
I heard that the tuition fees are going to be reduced, but that should be taken with a grain of salt.
Я слышал, что стоимость обучения будет снижена, но я не думаю что это стопроцентная информация.
worth one's salt
Being a good worker, or a productive person; worth what you cost. Often used with not or hardly.
Быть хорошим работником или среативным человеком; оправдывать свою зарплату. Часто используется с "not" или "hardly".
Mr. Brown showed that he was worth his salt as a salesman when he got the highest sales record for the year.
When the basketball team did so poorly, people felt that the coach was hardly worth his salt.
Any inspector worth his salt would have checked the papers carefully.
Любой уважающий себя инспектор проверил бы эти документы очень внимательно.