Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом roll

Фразеологизмы со словом roll

call the roll
To read out the names on a certain list, usually in alphabetical order.
The sergeant called the roll of the newly enlisted volunteers in the army.
get the ball rolling
set the ball rolling
start the ball rolling
To start an activity or action; make a beginning; begin.
Начинать действовать; приступить к делу; начать.
George started the ball rolling at the party by telling a new joke.
We got up early to get the ball rolling on our project.
Мы проснулись рано, чтобы начать работать над нашим проектом.
We plan to start immediately and get the ball rolling on our project.
Мы планируем начать незамедлительно и взяться за наш проект.
keep the ball rolling
To keep up an activity or action; not allow something that is happening to slow or stop.
Clyde kept the ball rolling at the party by dancing with a lamp shade on his head.
off one's rocker
off one's trolley
Not thinking correctly; crazy; silly; foolish.
Tom is off his rocker if he thinks he can run faster than Bob can.
If you think you can learn to figure skate in one lesson, you're off your trolley.
rock and roll
A style of popular music with heavily accented rhythm.
Rock'n'roll appeals mostly to youngsters nine to sixteen years old.
Rock and roll became popular for dances about 1954.
roll around
To return at a regular or usual time; come back.
When winter rolls around, out come the skis and skates.
roll out the red carpet
To welcome an important guest by putting a red carpet down for him to walk on.
Уделять особенное внимание важному или почетному посетителю.
They rolled out the red carpet for the Queen when she arrived in Australia.
Our boss wants us to roll out the red carpet every time when he comes.
Наш босс всегда хочет от нас первоклассного обхождения в каждый его визит.
To greet a person with great respect and honor; give a hearty welcome.
Margaret's family rolled out the red carpet for her teacher when she came to dinner.
roll up one's sleeves
To get ready for a hard job; prepare to work hard or seriously.
When Paul took his science examination, he saw how little he knew about science. He rolled up his sleeves and went to work.