Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом right

Словосочетания со словом right

all right for you
I'm finished with you! That ends it between you and me! Used by children.
All right for you! I'm not playing with you any more!
all right
Well enough; good enough; correct; suitable.
The new machine is running all right.
His work is always all right.
He said that it would be all right to wait in her office until she returned.
In good health or spirits; well.
"How are you?" "I'm all right."
He's an all right guy.
I am willing; yes.
"Shall we watch television?" "All right."
Do you want me to turn off the TV? Alright, if you insist.
Beyond question, certainly. Used for emphasis and placed after the word it modifies.
It's time to leave, all right, but the bus hasn't come.
bright and early
Prompt and alert; on time and ready; cheerful and on time or before time.
He came down bright and early to breakfast.
She arrived bright and early for the appointment.
bright-eyed and bushy-tailed
О человеке, который полон энергии.
Gary was fantastic! He arrived bright-eyed and bush-tailed at 7 am and worked with us all day.
Гарри просто молодец! Он приехал в 7 утра таким бодрым и работал с нами целый день.
dead to rights
Without a chance of escaping blame; proven wrong.
Mother had Bob dead to rights, because she caught him with his hand in the cookie jar.
The police caught the man dead to rights.
dive right into something
Погрузиться во что-то с головой.
When university started some of the students decided to dive right into their studies.
Когда начался учебный год, некоторые студенты сразу же ушли в учёбу с головой.
find mr. right
Найти своего идеального мужчину.
The woman is always hoping to find Mr. Right but so far she has not had any luck.
Эта женщина все время надеется встретить своего идеального мужчину, но пока что она не преуспела.
She has hoped to find Mr. Right all her life, but with no success.
Она надеялась найти Господина Правильного всю свою жизнь, но безуспешно.
give one's right arm for
To give something of great value; sacrifice.
During our long hike in the desert, I would have given my right arm for an ice cold drink.