Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом pigeon

Словосочетания со словом pigeon

clay pigeon
A popular target at practice shooting made of clay and roughly resembling a pigeon; an easy target that doesn't move.
All he can shoot is a clay pigeon.
A person who, like a clay pigeon in target practice, is immobilized or is in a sensitive position and is therefore easily criticized or otherwise victimized.
Poor Joe is a clay pigeon.
A task easily accomplished like shooting an immobile clay pigeon.
The math exam was a clay pigeon.
Small compartment for internal mail in an office or a department.
"You can just put your late exam into my pigeonhole," said Professor Brown to the concerned student.
One of the small compartments in a desk or cabinet.
He keeps his cufflinks in a pigeonhole in his desk.
To set aside; defer consideration of.
The plan was pigeonholed until the next committee meeting.
To typecast; give a stereotypical characterization to someone.
It was unfair of the committee to pigeonhole him as a left-wing troublemaker.
put the cat among the pigeons
Дословно: запустить кота к голубям.
О ситуации, чреватой проблемами или злящей окружающих.
Today we met the Committee and I really put the cat among the pigeons.
Сегодня мы встретились с Комитетом и я реально спровоцировал окружающих.
stool pigeon
A criminal who informs on his associates.
The detective was able to solve the crime mainly through information obtained from a stool pigeon.