Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом over

Словосочетания со словом over

government issue
An American soldier.
After the war many GI's were able to get a free education.
all over but the shouting
Finally decided or won; brought to an end; not able to be changed.
After Bill's touchdown, the game was all over but the shouting.
John and Tom both tried to win Jane, but after John's promotion it was all over but the shouting.
all over the map
Непонятно, вразброс.
I couldn’t understand the subject because the teacher’s explanation was all over the map.
Я не понял предмет, потому что объяснение учителя было неразборчиво, непонятно.
all over
In every part; everywhere.
He has a fever and aches all over.
I have looked all over for my glasses.
In every way; completely.
She is her mother all over.
Coming into very close physical contact, as during a violent fight; wrestling.
Before I noticed what happened, he was all over me.
be over
be through
To be ended; be finished.
This idiom is used for activities and events.
The show was over by 11 P.M.
The war will soon be over.
After the dance was over, we all went to a restaurant.
The meeting was through ten minutes earlier than everyone expected.
bend over backward
lean over backward
To try so hard to avoid a mistake that you make the opposite mistake instead; do the opposite of something that you know you should not do; do too much to avoid doing the wrong thing; also, make a great effort; try very hard.
Instead of punishing the boys for breaking a new rule, the principal bent over backward to explain why the rule was important.
Mary was afraid the girls at her new school would be stuck up, but they leaned over backward to make her feel at home.
blow over
To come to an end; pass away with little or no bad effects.
The sky was black, as if a bad storm were coming, but it blew over and the sun came out.
They were bitter enemies for a while, but the quarrel blew over.
He was much criticized for the divorce, but it all blew over after a few years.
boil over
To rise due to boiling and overflow down the sides of a pan or a pot.
"Watch out!" Jane cried. "The milk is boiling over on the stove!"
To become enraged to the point of being unable to contain oneself.
John took a lot of abuse from his boss, but after 25 minutes he suddenly boiled over and told him what he thought of him.