Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом open

Словосочетания со словом open

Pandora's box
open Pandora's box
A thing or problem that, if activated, will give rise to many unmanageable problems.
If they insist on having that inquiry, they will open up a Pandora's box.
be an open book
Дословно: быть "открытой книгой".
Быть ясным и понятным для.
I'm not interested in that woman anymore; she is an open book for me.
Мне больше неинтересна та женщина, она для меня открытая книга.
come out in the open
get out in the open
To reveal one's true identity or intentions.
Fred finally came out in the open and admitted that he was gay.
To declare one's position openly.
The conservative Democratic candidate came out in the open and declared that he would join the Republican party.
cut and dried
open and shut
Decided or expected beforehand; following the same old line; doing the usual thing; boring.
The decision of the judge was cut-and-dried.
The ways of the king's court were cut-and-dried.
People at the convention heard many cut-and-dried speeches.
The results of the national election were rather cut and dried; the Republicans won easily.
A job on a factory assembly line is certainly cut and dried.
eye opener
Something that makes you understand the truth.
Pam's first visit to school was a real eye-opener.
eyes open
keep one's eyes open
Careful watch or attention; readiness to see. Usually used with for.
Keep your eyes open for a boy in a red cap and sweater.
The hunter had his eyes open for rabbits.
They drove on with their eyes open for a gas station.
Full knowledge; especially of consequences; understanding of what will or might result. Used with have or with.
Automobile racing is dangerous. Bob went into it with his eyes open.
Betty had her eyes open when she got married.
keep an eye on
keep an eye open
keep one's eye on
have one's eye on
To watch carefully; not stop paying attention to.
Следить, присматривать.
Keep an eye on the stove in case the coffee boils.
You must keep your eye on the ball when you play tennis.
A good driver keeps his eye on the road.
The teacher had her eye on me because she thought I was cheating.
Billy keeps a jealous eye on his toys.
The lion tamer keeps a sharp eye on the lions when he is in the cage.
I’ll keep an eye on you!
Я прослежу за тобой!
I’d appreciate it if you’d keep an eye on my car while I’m in the store.
To watch and do what is needed for; mind.
Mother told Jane to keep an eye on the baby while she was in the store.
Mr. Brown told John to keep an eye on the store while he was out.
keep open house
To offer hospitality and entertain those who come at any given time on a certain day or afternoon.
Beth and Charlie have a cottage by the lake where they keep open house on Saturday afternoons during the summer.