Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словами on the. Страница два

Словосочетания со словами on the. Страница два

die on the vine
wither on the vine
To fail or collapse in the planning stages.
The program for rebuilding the city died on the vine.
drag on the market
An article for which the demand has fallen off thus causing an oversupply.
Your type of word processor went out of style and is now a drag on the market.
eat high on the hog
eat high off the hog
live high on the hog
live high off the hog
To eat or live well or elegantly.
For the first few days after the check arrived, they ate high on the hog.
fall down on the job
To fail to work well.
Потерпеть неудачу при попытке хорошо работать.
The boss was disappointed when his workers fell down on the job.
Начальник был разочарован, когда его работники не смогли хорошо выполнить работу.
feet on the ground
get one's feet on the ground
keep one's feet on the ground
have one's feet planted firmly in the ground
An understanding of what can be done; sensible ideas. Used with a possessive.
John has his feet on the ground; he knows he cannot learn everything at once.
Ted dreams of sudden riches, but Henry keeps his feet on the ground and expects to work for his money.
Mrs. Smith was a dreamer, but her husband was a man with his feet on the ground.
get in on the act
get in on one's act
To do something because others are engaged in the same act; join others.
John's business is succeeding so well that both of his brothers want to get in on the act.
get in on the ground floor
To be one of the first members or employees to participate in the growth of a firm, educational institution, etc.
Elliott got in on the ground floor and made a fortune at the company.
Mr. Smith who joined the new college as an instructor, got in on the ground floor, and wound up as its president after twenty years.
get off on the wrong foot
To make a bad start; begin with a mistake.
Peggy got off on the wrong foot with her new teacher; she chewed gum in class and the teacher didn't like it.