Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словами on the

Словосочетания со словами on the

at the tip of one's tongue
on the tip of one's tongue
Almost spoken; at the point of being said.
It was at the tip of my tongue to tell him, when the phone rang.
John had a rude answer on the tip of his tongue, but he remembered his manners just in time.
Almost remembered; at the point where one can almost say it but cannot because it is forgotten.
I have his name on the tip of my tongue.
"His name is on the tip of my tongue," Tom said. "It will come to me in a minute."
be a fly on the wall
To eavesdrop on a secret conversation.
Наблюдать за ситуацией, будучи незаметным.
How I wish I could be a fly on the wall to hear what my fiance's parents are saying about me!
I'd like to be a fly on the wall when the management discusses my project.
Я бы хотел понаблюдать, когда наше руководство обсуждает мой проект.
be on the ball
get on the ball
have on the ball
Paying attention and doing things well. Used after is or get.
Ben is really on the ball in school.
The coach told Jim he must get on the ball or he cannot stay on the team.
Jim was the only one who caught that serious error in the bookkeeping statements. He’s really on the ball.
Ella was certainly on the ball when she remembered to reconfirm our flight arrangements. All the rest of us would have forgotten.
John will succeed in life; he has a lot on the ball.
The coach was eager to try out his new team and see what they had on the ball.
That is a skill or ability; making you good at things. Used after have.
I can't believe Molly got that report done so quickly - she really has something on the ball.
I'm so glad that my assistant has something on the ball because I'm too scatterbrained to manage my schedule on my own.
be on the outs with
To not be on speaking terms with someone; be in disagreement with someone.
Jane and Tom have been on the outs with one another since Tom started to date another woman.
be on the verge of
To be about to do something; be very close to.
We were on the verge of going bankrupt when, unexpectedly, my wife won the lottery and our business was saved.
bet on the wrong horse
bet the wrong horse
To base your plans on a wrong guess about the result of something; misread the future; misjudge a coming event.
Дословно: поставить не на ту лошадь.
Обмануться в ожиданиях или расчетах.
To count on the small family farm as an important thing in the American future now looks like betting on the wrong horse.
He expected Bush to be elected President in 1992 but as it happened, he bet on the wrong horse.
When I voted for him, I was convinced he would win, but I betted the wrong horse!
Когда я голосовал за него, то был полностью уверен, что он выиграет, но ошибся в выборе!
call on the carpet
To call (a person) before an authority (as a boss or teacher) for a scolding or reprimand.
The worker was called on the carpet by the boss for sleeping on the job.
The principal called Tom on the carpet and warned him to stop coming to school late.
cash on the barrelhead
Money paid at once; money paid when something is bought.
Father paid cash on the barrelhead for a new car.
Some lawyers want cash on the barrelhead.