Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словами on one's feet

Фразеологизмы со словами on one's feet

be back on one's feet
get back on one's feet
To once again become financially solvent; regain one's former status and income, or health.
Снова на ногах; снова стать платежеспособным; восстановить прежнюю форму, статус или здоровье; оправиться от какой-либо беды или несчастья.
Max got back on his feet soon after his open heart surgery. Tom's business was ruined due to the inflation, but he got back on his feet again.
My mother is back on her feet after being sick for two weeks.
Моя мама снова на ногах после двухнедельной болезни.
Our teacher was back on her feet shortly after the car accident.
Наша учительница была снова на ногах вскоре после аварии.
dead on one's feet
Very tired but still standing or walking; too tired to do more; exhausted.
Jimmy never leaves a job unfinished. He continues to work even when he's dead on his feet.
After the soldiers march all night, they are dead on their feet.
land on one's feet
land on both feet
To get yourself out of trouble without damage or injury and sometimes with a gain; be successful no matter what happens.
No matter what trouble he gets into, he always seems to land on his feet.
Mary lost her first job because she was always late to work, but she landed on her feet and soon had a better job.
After a series of personal and professional difficulties, it’s amazing that George has landed on his feet so quickly.
Some young adults get into so much trouble at school that they are never able to land on their feet again. They drop out before graduating.
on one's feet
Standing or walking; not sitting or lying down; up.
Before the teacher finished asking the question, George was on his feet ready to answer it.
In a busy gasoline station, the attendant is on his feet all day.
Recovering; getting better from sickness or trouble.
Jack is back on his feet after a long illness.
Susan was on her feet soon after the operation.
The bank loaned the store money to get it back on its feet after the fire.
Used in idioms land on one's feet, stand on one's own feet and think on one's feet.
I wouldn't worry about Chloe - no matter what bizarre scheme she gets mixed up in, she always lands on her feet.
think on one's feet
To think quickly; answer or act without waiting; know what to do or say right away.
A good basketball player can think on his feet.
Our teacher can think on his feet; he always has an answer ready when we ask him questions.