Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом nuts

Словосочетания со словом nuts

be nuts about
To be enthusiastic or very keen about someone or something; be greatly infatuated with someone.
Hermione is nuts about modern music.
"I am nuts about you, Helen," Jim said. "Please let's get married!"
crazy about
mad about
nuts about
Excessively fond of; infatuated with.
Jack is totally nuts about Liz, but she is not too crazy about him.
drive one ape
drive one bananas
drive one crazy
drive one mad
drive one nuts
To irritate, frustrate, or tickle someone's fancy so badly that they think they are going insane. To excite someone to the point that he or she goes out of his or her mind; to drive someone crazy.
"Stop teasing me, Mary," John said. "You are driving me nuts."
"You are driving me bananas with all your crazy riddles," Steve said.
from soup to nuts
досл. От супа до орехов
От начала до конца.
She told us everything about the trip, from soup to nuts.
Она рассказала нам абсолютно всё о своем путешествии, от начала до конца.
in a nutshell
In a few words; briefly, without telling all about it.
We are in a hurry, so I'll give you the story in a nutshell.
In a nutshell, the car is no bargain.
nuts and bolts of
The basic facts or important details of something.
"Ted will he an excellent trader," his millionaire grandfather said, "once he learns the nuts and bolts of the profession."
paid peanuts
Получать очень маленькую зарплату.
Anne has a very interesting job but she's paid peanuts.
У Энн очень интересная работа, но платят ей гроши.
pull one's chestnuts out of the fire
To do someone else a great favor which they don't really deserve, doing oneself a disfavor in the process.
Small countries often have to pull the chestnuts out of the fire for their more powerful neighbors.