Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом moon

Фразеологизмы со словом moon

ask for the moon
cry for the moon
To want something that you cannot reach or have; try for the impossible.
John asked his mother for a hundred dollars today. He's always asking for the moon.
dark of the moon
A time when the moon is not shining or cannot be seen.
A was the dark of the moon when the scouts reached camp and they had to use flashlights to find their tents.
full of the moon
The moon when it is seen as a full circle; the time of a full moon.
The robbers waited for a dark night when the full of the moon was past.
honeymoon is over
The first happy period of friendship and cooperation between two persons or groups is over.
Окончание начального счастливого периода дружбы и взаимодействия между двумя людьми.
A few months after a new President is elected, the honeymoon is over and Congress and the President begin to criticize each other.
The honeymoon was soon over for the new foreman and the men under him.
He was elected only six months ago but the honeymoon is already over.
Он был избран всего шесть месяцев назад, но отношения уже испортились.
man in the moon
An imaginary or nonexistent person (often used to indicate a person of ignorance).
Stop asking me such difficult questions about nuclear physics; I know as much about it as the man in the moon.
many moons ago
A long, long time ago.
Очень, очень давно.
Many moons ago, when I was young, I was able to dance all night.
I only have the faintest memory of that time. It all happened many moons ago.
У меня остались самые смутные воспоминания об этом времени. Это случилось так давно!
Illegally distilled alcoholic beverage made at home, mostly on a farm.
Grandpa is at it again in the barn, making moonshine out of plums.
once in a blue moon
Very rarely; very seldom; almost never.
Очень редко, почти никогда.
Coin collecting is interesting, hut you find a valuable coin only once in a blue moon.
Once in a blue moon someone grows a very pale marigold, but no truly white marigolds have been raised.
Bill has very little contact with his brother. They see each other once in a blue moon.
Билл почти не общается с братом. Они встречаются совсем не часто.
I visit my relatives once in a blue moon.
Я навещаю своих родственников очень редко.
Snow falls on the city of San Diego, California, once in a blue moon.
Once in a blue moon my wife and I eat at a very expensive restaurant.