Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом mark

Фразеологизмы со словом mark

X marks the spot
An indication made on maps or documents of importance to call attention to a place or a feature of some importance.
The treasure hunter said to his companion, "Here it is; X marks the spot."
drag on the market
An article for which the demand has fallen off thus causing an oversupply.
Your type of word processor went out of style and is now a drag on the market.
easy mark
A foolishly generous person; one from whom it is easy to get money.
Bill is known to all the neighborhood beggars as an easy mark.
flea market
A place where antiques, second-hand things, and cheap articles are sold, and especially one in the open air.
The local antique dealers held a flea market and fair on the high-school athletic field.
There are many outdoor flea markets in Europe.
in the market for
Wishing to buy; ready to buy.
Mr. Jones is in the market for a new car.
People are always in the market for entertainment.
leave one's mark
To leave an impression upon; influence someone.
Tolstoy never won the Nobel Prize, but he left his mark on world literature.
make one's mark
make a mark
To become known to many people; do well the work you started to do; make a reputation.
Становиться известным; хорошо делать свою работу; зарабатывать репутацию.
Shakespeare made his mark as a playwright.
When I was younger it was a matter of getting on and competing and making my mark.
Когда я был моложе, я чувствовал в себе стремление вперед, стремление посоревноваться и отличиться, стать известным.
mark down
To lower the price.
The department store marked down their prices on women's sandals.
To give a poor grade to a student.
Peter was marked down for his numerous spelling errors.
To make a written note of something.
Here is my phone number; mark it down.