Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом luck

Фразеологизмы со словом luck

as luck would have it
As it happened; by chance; luckily or unluckily.
As luck would have it, no one was in the building when the explosion occurred.
As luck would have it, there was rain on the day of the picnic.
cluck and grunt
The familiar restaurant dish of ham and eggs; since ham is made of pork (and pigs grunt) and eggs come from hens (which cluck.)
"I am sorry I can't fix you an elaborate meal, but I can give you a quick cluck and grunt."
covered-dish supper
potluck supper
A meal to which each guest brings a share of the food.
Dolly made a chicken casserole for the covered-dish supper.
down on one's luck
Having bad luck; having much trouble; not successful in life.
Испытывать неудачи; быть в трудном положении, беде.
Harry asked me to lend him ten dollars, because he was down on his luck.
The teacher is easy on Jane because Jane has been down on her luck lately.
Alan is down on his luck and I am sorry for him.
Алан в тяжелом положении, и я сочувствую ему.
get a lucky break
get a nice break
Испытать удачу, везение.
I need to get a lucky break. I’m tired of constant troubles with money.
Мне нужен счастливый случай. Я устал от постоянных проблем с деньгами.
Бодрый и беззаботный.
He's a happy-go-lucky sort of guy - always in good humour.
Он жизнерадостный парень – всегда в хорошем настроении.
in luck
Being lucky; having good luck; finding something good by chance.
Bill was in luck when he found the money on the street.
Mary dropped her glasses and they did not break. She was in luck.
luck out
Suddenly to get lucky when in fact the odds are against one's succeeding.
I was sure I was going to miss the train as I was three minutes late, but I lucked out, the train was five minutes late.
To be extraordinarily fortunate.
Catwallender really lucked out at Las Vegas last month; he came home with $10,000 in cash.
(By sarcastic opposition) to be extremely unfortunate; to be killed.
Those poor marines sure lucked out in Saigon, didn't they?