Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом life

Словосочетания со словом life

That's the story of my life...
Usually spoken when something goes wrong.
I spent seven years writing a novel, but no publisher wants to accept it. That's the story of my life.
all walks of life
All socioeconomic groups; all professions and lines of work.
A good teacher has to be able to communicate with students from all walks of life.
A clever politician doesn't alienate people from any walk of life.
bet one's life
To feel very sure; have no doubt.
Was I scared when I saw the bull running at me? You bet your life I was!
between life and death
In danger of dying or being killed; with life or death possible.
He held on to the mountainside between life and death while his friends went to get help.
The little sick girl lay all night between life and death until her fever was gone.
big as life
large as life
big as life and twice as natural
The same size as the living person or thing.
The statue of Jefferson was big as life.
In person; real and living.
I had not seen him for years, but there he was, big as life and twice as natural.
change of life
The menopause (primarily in women).
Women usually undergo a change of life in their forties or fifties.
charmed life
A life often saved from danger; a life full of lucky escapes.
He was in two airplane accidents, but he had a charmed life.
During the war a bullet knocked the gun out of his hand, but he had a charmed life.
come alive
come to life
To become alert or attentive; wake up and look alive; become active.
When Mr. Simmons mentioned money, the boys came alive.
Bob pushed the starter button, and the engine came alive with a roar.
To look real; take on a bright, natural look.
Under skillful lighting, the scene came alive.
The President came alive in the picture as the artist worked.