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Словосочетания со словом lead

all roads lead to Rome
The same end or goal may be reached by many different ways. A proverb.
"Все дороги ведут в Рим" - пословица, означающая, что цель можно достигнуть разными способами.
"I don't care how you get the answer," said the teacher, "All roads lead to Rome."
All roads lead to Rome and the two groups used two different methods to finish the project.
Все дороги ведут в Рим и две группы воспользовались двумя различными методами, чтобы завершить проект.
blind leading the blind
One or more people who do not know or understand something trying to explain it to others who do not know or understand.
Jimmy is trying to show Bill how to skate. The blind are leading the blind.
get the lead out of one's pants
To get busy; work faster.
The captain told the sailors to get the lead out of their pants.
The coach told the players to get the lead out of their pants.
go over like a lead balloon
To fail to generate a positive response or enthusiasm; to meet with boredom or disapproval.
The president's suggested budget cuts went over like a lead balloon.
Jack's off-color jokes went over like a lead balloon.
have the lead
To occupy the most prominent part in something.
Maria has the lead in our school play.
lead a dog's life
To live a hard life, work hard, and be treated unkindly.
A new college student of long ago led a dog's life.
lead a merry chase
To delay or escape capture by (someone) skillfully; make (a pursuer) work hard.
The deer led the hunter a merry chase.
Valerie is leading her boyfriend a merry chase.
lead by the nose
To have full control of; make or persuade (someone) to do anything whatever.
Many people are easily influenced and a smart politician can lead them by the nose.
Don't let anyone lead you by the nose; use your own judgment and do the right thing.