Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словом kill

Словосочетания со словом kill

curiosity killed the cat
Getting too nosy may lead a person into trouble. A proverb.
"Curiosity killed the cat," Fred's father said, when he found Fred hunting around in closets just before Christmas.
dressed fit to kill
dressed to kill
To make yourself look really good by wearing your best clothes.
Выглядеть действительно очень хорошо, одев самую лучшую одежду.
She had bought a new outfit and was dressed to kill.
Она купила новую одежду и выглядела сногсшибательно.
I turned up in jeans and found Susan was dressed to kill - velvet dress, high heels, the lot.
Я пришел, одетый в джинсы, и обнаружил, что Сюзан оделась в свой лучший наряд - бархатное платье, высокие каблуки, все в таком роде.
if looks could kill
Если бы взгляды могли убивать; убийственно злобный взгляд; если бы взглядом можно было убить.
If looks could kill, then the look he gave me would have killed me at once.
Если бы взглядом можно было убить, то взгляд, которым он на меня посмотрел, убил бы меня тотчас же.
in at the kill
Watching or taking part, usually with pleasure, at the end of a struggle; present at the finish.
Frank and John have been quarreling for a long time and tonight they are having a fight. Bill says he wants to be in at the kill, because he is Frank's friend.
kill off
To kill or end completely; destroy.
The factory dumped poisonous wastes into the river and killed off the fish.
The president suggested a new law to Congress but many members of Congress were against the idea and they killed it off.
Mother made Nancy practice her dancing an hour every day; Nancy got tired of dancing and that killed off her interest.
kill the goose that laid the golden egg
To spoil something that is good or something that you have, by being greedy. A proverb.
Mrs. Jones gives you an apple from her tree whenever you go by her house, but don't kill the goose that laid the golden egg by bothering her too much.
kill time
To cause the time to pass more rapidly; waste time.
The plane trip to Hong Kong was long and tiring, but we managed to kill time by watching several movies.
kill two birds with one stone
To succeed in doing two things by only one action; get two results from one effort.
Mother stopped at the supermarket to buy bread and then went to get Jane at dancing class; she killed two birds with one stone.
The history teacher told us that making an outline kills two birds with one stone; it makes us study the lesson till we understand it, and it gives us notes to review before the test.