Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словами keep one

Фразеологизмы со словами keep one

cross one's fingers
keep one's fingers crossed
keep your fingers crossed
To cross two fingers of one hand for good luck. To wish for good luck.
Скрестить пальцы на удачу; надеяться что все пройдет гладко. Желать удачи.
Mary crossed her fingers during the race so that Tom would win.
I have a job interview today. Keep your fingers crossed for me, will you?
У меня сегодня собеседование на работу. Скрестишь пальцы на удачу, хорошо?
Let’s keep our fingers crossed that we got passing grades on that college entrance exam.
Jerry kept his fingers crossed that the good weather would hold up for the picnic he was planning for the coming weekend.
Keep your fingers crossed while I take the test.
I crossed my fingers for you.
Я держала кулаки за тебя.
To cross two fingers of one hand to excuse an untruth that you are telling.
Johnny crossed his fingers when he told his mother the lie.
eyes open
keep one's eyes open
Careful watch or attention; readiness to see. Usually used with for.
Keep your eyes open for a boy in a red cap and sweater.
The hunter had his eyes open for rabbits.
They drove on with their eyes open for a gas station.
Full knowledge; especially of consequences; understanding of what will or might result. Used with have or with.
Automobile racing is dangerous. Bob went into it with his eyes open.
Betty had her eyes open when she got married.
feet on the ground
get one's feet on the ground
keep one's feet on the ground
have one's feet planted firmly in the ground
An understanding of what can be done; sensible ideas. Used with a possessive.
John has his feet on the ground; he knows he cannot learn everything at once.
Ted dreams of sudden riches, but Henry keeps his feet on the ground and expects to work for his money.
Mrs. Smith was a dreamer, but her husband was a man with his feet on the ground.
head above water
keep one's head above water
out of difficulty; clear of trouble.
How are your marks at school? Are you keeping your head above water?
Business at the store is bad. They can't keep their heads above water.
To remain solvent; manage to stay out of debt.
Держаться на плаву, справляться с трудностями.
Herb's income declined so drastically that he now has difficulty keeping his head above water.
We have so little money that we can hardly keep our heads above water.
У нас так мало денег, что мы едва справляемся.
hold one's end up
hold up one's end
keep one's end up
keep up one's end
To do your share of work; do your part.
Mary washed the dishes so fast that Ann, who was drying them, couldn't keep her end up.
Susan kept up her end of the conversation, but Bill did not talk very much.
Bob said he would lend me his bicycle if I repaired the flat tire, but he didn't keep up his end of the bargain.
hold one's temper
keep one's temper
To make yourself be quiet and peaceful; not become angry.
The meeting will go smoothly if the president keeps his temper.
Dave can't keep his temper when he drives in heavy traffic.
keep an eye on
keep an eye open
keep one's eye on
have one's eye on
To watch carefully; not stop paying attention to.
Следить, присматривать.
Keep an eye on the stove in case the coffee boils.
You must keep your eye on the ball when you play tennis.
A good driver keeps his eye on the road.
The teacher had her eye on me because she thought I was cheating.
Billy keeps a jealous eye on his toys.
The lion tamer keeps a sharp eye on the lions when he is in the cage.
I’ll keep an eye on you!
Я прослежу за тобой!
I’d appreciate it if you’d keep an eye on my car while I’m in the store.
To watch and do what is needed for; mind.
Mother told Jane to keep an eye on the baby while she was in the store.
Mr. Brown told John to keep an eye on the store while he was out.
keep one at a distance
keep one at arm's length
keep at a distance
keep at arm's length
To avoid (someone's) company; not become too friendly toward.
Mr. Smith is kind to the workers in his store but after work he keeps them at a distance.
Betty likes Bill and is trying to be friendly, but he keeps her at arm's length.