Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словами in,. Страница сто девяносто

Фразеологизмы со словами in,. Страница сто девяносто

wringing wet
Wet through and through; soaked; dripping.
He was wringing wet because he was caught in the rain without an umbrella.
He was wringing wet after working in the fields in the hot sun.
written in water
Недолговечный, преходящий.
His fame is written in water.
Его слава недолговечна.
x-double minus
Extremely poorly done, bad, inferior (said mostly about theatrical or musical performances).
Patsy gave an x-double minus performance at the audition and lost her chance for the lead role.
x-raying machine
Speed detection device by radar used by the police.
The smokies are using the x-raying machine under the bridge!
you said it
you can say that again
Used to show strong agreement with what another person has said.
"That sure was a good show." "You said it!"
"It sure is hot!" "You can say that again!"
you're telling me
Used to show that a thing is so clear that it need not be said, or just to show strong agreement.
"You're late." "You're telling me!"
zero in on
To adjust a gun so that it will exactly hit (a target); aim at.
Big guns were zeroed in on the enemy fort.
American missiles have been zeroed in on certain targets, to be fired if necessary.
To give your full attention to.
The Senate zeroed in on the Latin-American problems.
Let's zero in on grammar tonight.
zoom in
To rapidly close in on (said of airplanes and birds of prey).
The fighter planes zoomed in on the enemy target.
To make a closeup of someone or something with a camera.
The photographer zoomed in on the tiny colibri as it hovered over a lovely tropical flower.