Идиомы и фразеологизмы английского со словами in o

Словосочетания со словами in o

all in one piece
Safely; without damage or harm.
John's father was terribly concerned when his son was sent to war as a pilot, but he came home all in one piece.
all in one's head
Что-то выдуманное.
Your fear is all in your head.
Твой страх всего лишь тобою придуман.
ants in one's pants
Nervous over-activity; restlessness.
Быть перевозбужденным, неугомонным.
Jane can not sit still; she has ants in her pants.
You have ants in your pants today. Is something wrong?
I wish he'd relax. He's got ants in his pants about something today!
Хоть бы он немного успокоился. Он сильно взбудоражен чем-то сегодня.
ball is in one's court
дословно: мяч на чьем-то поле
Ситуация в которой следующий ход, следующее действие остается за человеком, в отношении которого употреблено выражение.
We made an offer to buy the business and now the ball is in the owner's court to accept our offer or not.
Мы внесли предложение купить бизнес и теперь ход за владельцем, принимать наше предложение или нет.
bargain for
bargain on
To be ready for; expect.
When John started a fight with the smaller boy he got more than he bargained for.
The final cost of building the house was much more than they had bargained on.
bats in one's belfry
bats in the belfry
Wild ideas in his mind; disordered senses; great mental confusion.
Безумные идеи в голове; нарушенные чувства; умственный беспорядок.
When he talked about going to the moon he was thought to have bats in his belfry.
You know Annie? She always looks strange, she must has bats in her belfry.
Ты знаешь Энни? Она всегда выглядит странно, наверно, у неё что-то не так с головой.
bee in one's bonnet
have a bee in one's bonnet
put a bee in one's bonnet
A fixed idea that seems fanciful, odd, or crazy.
Состояние навязчивой идеи, как правило странной или сумасбродной.
Robert Fulton had a bee in his bonnet about a steamboat.
Grandmother has some bee in her bonnet about going to the dance.
She's got a bee in her bonnet about moving to New York!
У неё навязчивая идея о переезде в Нью-Йорк!
blow up in one's face
To fail completely and with unexpected force.
The thief's plan to rob the bank blew up in his face when a policeman stopped him.